"When a friend showed me how easy this tire tool is to use I immediately ordered one for each of my kids in college as well as other family members that mountain bike!"


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A: Rounded edges prevent tire bead damage.
B: Angled surface lifts tire bead over rim lip.
C: Rear angled surface pushes tire components away from rim area.
D: Sidewall ejector assists in raising tire sidewall away from rim along with surface        
    (B). This aids in the removal of stiff sidewall tires.
E: Frame Anchor.

As tire is rotated counter-clockwise over the Engagement Head, The large "U" portion of the tool is locked into place, ANCHORING the tool to the frame component allowing for greater leverage. Angles A,B,C, & D work in unison to quickly lift and separate the tire from the rim with less effort than standard spoon shaped pry-bar style levers.

The Cobra Tire Tool is like no other bicycle tire tool in the world. Designed to make the most difficult tires easier to demount, the Cobra Tire Tool works like a modern tire-changing machine by demounting the tire by simply rotating the wheel.

Once your tire is completely deflated, use your fingers to break the tire seal away from the rim on both sides. Follow the instructions by inserting the Tire Engagement Head in-between the tire and the rim (Do Not Involve Inner Tube), and then hook the large "U" shaped end of the tool (E) around the bike frame of front fork. Once in place, rotate the tire counter-clockwise to begin demounting the tire.