Work Smarter

With more than 20 years in the commercial tire industry, I will share my experience, insights, thoughts and suggestions on how you can work smarter, not harder, when working with bicycle tires.

The Cobra Tire Tool...

is a one piece tool that that gives you a mechanical advantage allowing you to take a huge step in the process of working smarter. Perform the task of tire work with less effort and better results, without the need for multiple tools. 

The Cobra Tire Tool utilizes two unique design elements that no other bicycle tire tool in the world has. 
By leaving the wheel assembly attached to the frame to first demount the tire, we are able to harness a large amount of torque by simply rotating the assembly. I call this attribute, "Frame Anchored Leverage". This leverage gives you the physical advantage with minimal effort by not having to use brute force to manually pry the tire off the rim in multiple steps as you would with the old-school tire lever.

The second unique element to this design is the multi-angled face of the lifting tool end piece. Compared to the flat surface, spoon bar of the old-school tire lever, the Cobra Tire Tool's advancement in the angled surfaces allow the tool to quickly and efficiently lift and separate the tire from the rim while pushing the tube away from the pinch point.

Lubricate, Lubricate, Lubricate!
You are not being graded. Cheating is encouraged!

Every tire manufacturer in the world recommends lubricating the beads of the tire before you attempt to mount or demount. Tires for Lawn and Garden, Cars, SUV's Lt. Trucks, Semi-Trucks, Farm and Construction equipment all recommend the use of lubrication. It only makes sense. It makes the task of mounting and demounting easier, tires seat on the rim faster and more accurately, and you are less likely to damage the tire bead!

People have written for years about the types of lube to use and many times common household products are referenced. For example, candle wax, baby powder, chap stick, vegetable oil, dish soap, bar soap, windex, etc. Yes, all of these will add an element of lubrication and all are better than doing it dry. 

I have found that carrying a small bar of hand soap in my tool bag doesn't take up much room and it is a lifesaver if you are out on a ride far from home. So the next time you are staying in a hotel, don't forget to grab an extra bar of soap for your tool bag.

More to come....

How to PROPERLY install a tire and tube repair.